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Over the course of her 20 year career, Andria has developed and repeatedly proven her PROCESS AND TOOLS for accelerating & sustaining brand growth.


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Who We Help 




We help growth stage companies & brands, private equity and investors.

How We Can Help You Grow




Need help in building multi-year growth plans & how to factor for disruptors? 

What adjacencies and/or new categories make sense and have the highest potential for my brand?

Need to validate the true growth potential based on industry expertise? 

Examples of our Disruptive Approach to Growth

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Creating a Pipeline from Scratch
Andria Long Pipeline
New Adjacency & Category
Adjacency New Category Case Study
Cross Category & Brand Platforms
Cross Category & Brand Platforms
Disrupting Category Conventions
Disrupting Category Conventions
New Product & Packaging Platform
New Platform & New Category
Scalable Technology Platform
Scalable Technology Platform
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